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A selection of Casino Technology`s premiere and classic slot machines as well as the latest multigames from company`s rich portfolio will be showcased at the Irish Gaming Show on 7-8 of March 2017 in Dublin, Ireland. At the center stage will be the new wave slot machines EZ MODULO™ and TOWER™ slant top, the premuim ARCH™ slot machine and the classic AURORA, all featuring dedicated multigame sets.

Showcasing at the Carnaby Gaming stand, Casino Technology will expose best products of its portfolio, along with Carnaby`s casino slots and the recently introduced by the company range of machine data systems, including Player Bonus Schemes.

As a pioneer in developing multigame concepts with proven success since the late `90s, Casino Technology provides optimal combinations of 500 titles in numerous multigame concepts that meet the requirements of a wide range of players. With a multigame set of staggering 60 full HD games, the company will present the EZ MODULO™ slot machine during the Irish Gaming Show. The exceptional new multigame set, called SPEED KING™, meets the expectation for exciting play both for operators and clients with vivid colors complemented with clear image. The games included are a thrilling combination of the 30 most played games from the Casino Technology rich portfolio of 500 titles and a specially released for the SPEED KING™ 30 new and unique titles.

The EZ MODULO™ slot machine is admired for its modern and convertible modular design concept with two full HD 27” monitors, optional 24” topper and 15” iDeck with convenient game selector. The main monitor is with bult-in touch screen. Besides the modern look it also utilizes the newest platform of Casino Technology – ARMSTRONG™, which drives all the 4 monitors and is offered with the first FULL HD multigame pack.

Also part of the Casino Technology presentation is the distinct looking TOWER™ slant top with vertical 4K curved 43” display, which was introduced for a first time with a multigame set of 40 games. The machine was the ultimate winner at the ICE 2017 show, securing the attention of many operators. The brand new multigame line TOWER™ 101, housed by the new machine, offers vivid and realistic cinema like animations with interactive effects. The characters are thematically linked to the games and the great sound immediately gets players on board. TOWER™ 101 offers 40 games - most played titles of Casino Technology library as well unique titles, available only for TOWER™ 101.

The premium product of Casino Technology - the ARCH™ slot machine remains at the center stage. The machine made its spectacular entrance in the gaming world in more than a year, showing innovation never seen before. The ARCH™ has been installed in numerous locations, outperforming most of the machines on the floor. With its unique 42” curved horizontally positioned customized display and precisely calculated viewing angle and ergonomics, the premium slot machine has already established its place as a favorite product with excellent feedback. The crisp HD graphics of the games and the customized for ARCH™ game user interface guarantee excellent experience. The ARCH™ comes with new full HD multigame GAMOPOLIS ARCH™ with 60 games that will be boosted soon to the unique 100 games – both most played and specially designed for the GAMOPOLIS ARCH™.

The elegant classic line of slot cabinets will be introduced by AURORA™ upright cabinet. Combining sophisticated design with high technologу, the slot machine features with carefully placed inner components for best serviceability and maintenance. Featured with the GAMOPOLIS SPEEDWAY™ 73, it is the ideal choice for operators, searching for maximum slot machine occupancy.

All this and many more could be experienced at the Carnaby Gaming stand at Irish Gaming Show. Specialising in the design and manufacture of casino slots, Carnaby Gaming has been registered in England for more than a decade and now partnering with Casino Technology during the show, will present new dimension in gaming.